Sant’ Egidio bemoans attacks against the elderly


Members of the Community of Sant’ Egidio from various colleges have called for concerted efforts to end attacks against elderly persons over witchcraft allegations.

The call was made in Machinjiri, when the diverse group of young people prayed and donated assorted worth K600, 000 to 55 elderly persons (45 women and 10 men).

Speaking during the event, Coordinator of the students and alumni community, Micah Baleya thanked the elderly for their friendship, saying they are a treasure of the nation.

“There is no future without the elderly, this is why as young people of Sant’ Egidio, we shall not rest, but fight all forms of violence perpetrated against you. No one should be killed or excluded from society because they are old, and we apologize for all the pain our generation has caused on you.

Elderly persons and Sant’ Egidio members during the event

“We are your friends, and so report quickly to us, whenever being abused or where your life is in danger due to allegations of witchcraft,” said Baleya.

Concurring with Micah, Virginia Mulenga was emphatic that as University Community, they believe that civilization of a nation is measured by how it treats its weakest or most vulnerable members of its society.

Mulenga said the nation need civilization of love and care, like that of the good Samaritan to take responsibility to protect the lives of the elderly as they are most vulnerable to mob justice.

She said this is why, despite not having much, the group decided to buy basic food items, masks and blankets prior to the cold season ahead as the word of God inspires them to take care of the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the society.

Speaking after the donation, a 100-year-old lady, Veronica, stated that she was grateful for the presents given by the students and alumni saying it is so timely.

“I cannot say much, but thank you, may God bless you. Most of us are widows, some were deserted but others have children who are just drinking and do not take care of us, yet you give us all these presents and pray for us. You are little angles.”