Malawi destined for greatness under Chakwera – State House


Despite concerns that President Lazarus Chakwera is a man of words and not action, State House has claimed that Malawi is destined for greatness under Chakwera’s leadership.

State House Press Secretary Brian Banda made the claim at the State House press briefing today in Lilongwe.

Banda was asked at the press briefing on how Chakwera will emulate late President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania who died earlier this month and was laid to rest on Friday.


Chakwera spoke at Magufuli’s state funeral last week in Tanzania where the Malawi leader described Magufuli as a hero who fought corruption, initiated massive development projects and turned Tanzania into a middle-income economy within six years in power.

At the press briefing today, Journalist Peter Makossah said Chakwera gave a beautiful tribute which shows that the Malawi leader knows what needs to be done.

“Doesn’t president Chakwera want to be a man of action himself?” asked Makossah.

In response, Banda said there are many lessons Africans can learn from Magufuli’s leadership and Chakwera is also willing to learn and hear what others are saying wherever necessary.

“He is a listening leader. But be assured that Malawi is destined for greatness under the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera,” said Banda.

His claim comes amid concerns that Chakwera is failing to implement campaign promises. There are growing frustrations over the state of the economy, Chakwera administration’s failure to initiate projects such as roads and lack of urgency in the fight against corruption.

In reference to his beautiful speeches that are followed by little action, Malawians on social media describe Chakwera as ‘Mr talk talk’.