Malawians hopeful of Flames victory in South Sudan


Malawians are hopeful of a Flames victory in South Sudan, saying Meke Mwase has a full house for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier.

Malawi National Football Team face South Sudan today and coach Mwase has managed to rope in all international players who play outside the country including Limbikani Mzava who is the captain.

Moses Chipeta, a Mzuzu based soccer follower said Mwase does not have any excuses for a loss today.

“First let me congratulate Meke Mwase. For the first time he has managed to take all required flames international players, it’s our hope that this time around there will be no excuses since we have a full house,” Chipeta said.

Nyatwa Ofesi from Nsanje agreed saying Malawi has assembled its best squad for the game.

Chiyembekezo Mapala from Lilongwe also expressed hope that the Flames will bring positive results back home.

“We wish all the best to our players as they are playing South Sudan today and it’s our hope that everything will work as planned to bring back the victory three points,” said Mapala.

Malawi has with 4 points and are on third position in their Group behind Uganda and Burkina Faso.