Malawians call out Bakili Muluzi over Nkasa’s car

A promise is a credit. Malawians have asked former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi to live up to his promise of that car he made to musician Phungu Joseph Nkasa.

The call follows last night’s online performance that Nkasa delivered at the tabloid Mikozi studio.

In 2002, Muluzi who ruled Malawi from 1994 to 2004, promised to buy Nkasa a car after being impressed with the musician’s music. However, Muluzi never bought the car  and currently lives at his retirement home in Blantyre.

On Thursday, the musician performed at Mikozi Studio Live and the performance which was shown live on the studio’s Facebook Page.

Among other songs, he performed Anamva in which he talks about Muluzi’s unfulfilled promise. The musician says in the song that when asked about the car, he lies to people that he was given the car but later sold it.

The song has reminded Malawians of Muluzi’s promise and they have urged the former president to give Nkasa the car.

“Justice for Nkasa. A Chair ampatse galimoto lake (Mr Chair should give him his vehicle),” said Wakisa Mwalwenje on Facebook.

“It’s long overdue,” chipped in a commenter on the post.