Companies urged to practise proper waste management


Government has urged companies to fight pollution by following proper waste management in order to have clean cities in the country.

Deputy Minister of Local Government Halima Daudi said this when she toured Blantyre City Council’s waste management sites and some rivers.

During the tour, the Deputy Minister also met some business owners before visiting Masolo and Mudi rivers.

Daudi then hailed Capital Oil Refinery Industry (CORI) for conforming to proper waste management in their quest for quality production of oil in the country.

Daudi (in headscarf) during the visit

“I was very impressed with how CORI refines waste water. It is very encouraging and I would like to commend them for the job well done. They told me about the challenges they are facing but they keep on conforming to the recommended standards in as far as the waste management is concerned. We have a lot of work to do but if we work together with the manufacturers then we can indeed keep our city clean,” she said.

On his part, BCC Chief Executive Officer Alfred Chanza said the city will partner with other organizations in order to ensure that they up their game in waste management.

“One of the challenges we have been facing is pollution as many companies and residents are polluting our rivers, and for the treatment plants, not all of them are functioning.

“But as a council, we are working tirelessly to ensure that Blantyre is a better place to live in by among other things partnering with other institutions to fight pollution,” he told reporters.

CORI is Malawi’s leading manufacturers of cooking oil. The company produces Kukoma cooking oil.