Minister Mtambo’s vehicle found in Rumphi after being stolen in Lilongwe


Minister of Civic Education Timothy Mtambo’s ministerial vehicle has been found in Rumphi, after thugs hijacked it in Lilongwe, bundled the driver in the boot and drove away.

Spokesperson of Mtambo’s Citizens for Transformation, Negracious Justin, has confirmed the incident, saying it happened on Wednesday night.

According to Justin, Mtambo sent his driver to Dae Yang Luke Hospital to buy medicine for the minister’s father who is recuperating at home.

At around 7PM, on his way back home the driver was driving the access road that connects the hospital and the main (M1) road and he saw four men putting on full police uniform and one had a gun. They stopped the car and when he rolled the window down, the men told the driver that he was driving with a deflated back tyre.

“When he stepped out of the car to check the tyre, they started hitting his head with wooden bars until he became unconscious.

“When he gained consciousness after some time, he discovered that his hands and legs were tied and he was bundled at the boot of the car. At that moment, he was threatened that he would be killed if he kept on talking to them. He then observed that the car made a stop somewhere (but he couldn’t recognize the place) and an Asian man came in. Thereafter, they proceeded with the drive,” said Justin.

He added that while it was cruising, the vehicle hit a pothole and swerved into a maize field. The accident alerted villagers who stormed the scene to rescue people.

“When the thugs saw the villagers, they fled the scene through the maize field. At that point, the driver shouted for help and the villagers found him in his bundled situation. He told them who he was and narrated what happened. When he inquired where he was, he was told that the place was Bwengu in Rumphi. Through communication with the Honourable Minister, the people confirmed the identity of the driver and he was taken to police and hospital for statement and treatment respectively,” said Justin.

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera has since confirmed the incident saying Mtambo’s driver reported the attack to Rumphi Police.

Justin said the driver sustained head injuries during the attack.