ACB to monitor use of K1 billion funds for masks


The Anti-Corruption Corruption Bureau (ACB) has warned district and city councils that it will monitor use of K1 billion funds for masks to prevent corruption.

This is according to a letter which ACB deputy director Elia Bodole has written to district commissioners and chief executive officer of city councils and municipalities.

Bodole said the bureau will make sure that the funds are used for intended purpose.

“In this regard, the ACB will monitor how funds are being utilized and how the procurement processes are being undertaken in the councils. This monitoring exercise will also involve the institutional integrity committees that are present in every council in Malawi,” said Bodole.

He added that the monitoring is in line with the mandate of ACB under corrupt practices act and the memorandum of understanding which ACB signed with councils in 2019.

Bodole has since urged councils to provide ACB monitoring with necessary information and comply with ACB’s recommendations. He has warned that failure to comply with ACB order, demand or direction is an offence.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Local Government announced that it has allocated K1 billion to councils to procure face masks and distribute them to communities.

Government made masks mandatory due to Coronavirus but there were concerns that some people in the country cannot afford to buy masks.