Gwamba picks Mowa maker


Oh Gwamba! May be he has realised that “Akazi Amapha” nabola “Mowa”.

The Malawian multi-award music giant has settled for the whole brewery.

Gwamba’s choice is without surprise. After all, the first recorded miracle that Jesus performed was turning water to an alcoholic beverage.

The Major 1 Record signed artist announced that he called the Mowa hit maker, Madala Mafo, for a special delivery that will intoxicate the country.

Gwamba said he was at pain to see Mafo fading into oblivion, describing the latter as a special talent.

“Was on the phone with Mafo. I refuse to let such talent just vanish like that. That guy is one of the best urban artists in the country,” said Gwamba

The duo was in the studio, in the capital Lilongwe yesterday. More details regarding their project remain under wraps.

Mafo rose to fame in the year 2012. He made noise with his partner Shozi through songs like Akazi amapha and Mowa.

His music is a fusion of dancehall and afro with a comic element that brings a wow effect. With the coming in of Gwamba, people anticipate his energetic comeback.