CDEDI questions decision to close borders


The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has bashed government for closing borders, saying the move will lead to a loss in business for Malawians.

The grouping said this on Tuesday after the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus announced the 14-day closure of borders.

In a statement, CDEDI said the closure will lead to a loss of business for Malawians and revenue for government.

The organisation added that the Tonse Alliance Administration is running government through a trial and error kind of administration hence it is making decisions without consulting stakeholders.

CDEDI has also accused government of only taking action over the rise in Covid-19 cases after Minister of Labour Ken Kandodo tested positive for COVID-19.

“This is another clear case of selective application of justice. Covid-19 cases have been steadily increasing but government waited until a minister was admitted to a hospital for them to act.

“Secondly, by closing the borders government is sending a signal that we as a country do not have the capacity to screen the entrants,” the organisation said.

The presidential taskforce on Coronavirus said on Tuesday that it decided to close borders after the number of active cases had increased from 30 on the 11th December to 210 today. There are also concerns that there is a new strain of this virus that has emerged and that spreads extremely fast.