DPP, UDF win in Mangochi


Candidates whose complaints led to nullification of 2019 results in Mangochi West and Mangochi North East have lost again, with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) candidates emerging winners.

Martin Sekati Nyengo (Mangochi North East) and Semion Harrison (Mangochi West), who both contested in the 2019 elections as independent candidates sought a court order after being dissatisfied with the way the electoral body conducted the election. The results were nullified and by-elections were held yesterday.

The unofficial results for Mangochi North East Constituency has seen Idi Kalosi of UDF carrying the day with 9,898 votes against Martin Sekati Nyengo (independent), who got 9,093 votes while Duncan Cassim, an independent candidate has come third with 185 votes.

In Mangochi West, independent candidate, Reuben Kanyama, who was backed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) got 5, 648 votes, flooring Semion Harrison, independent, but was being backed by Malawi Congress Party (MCP), who got 5,635 followed by Geoffrey Chiwondo (DPP) who got 1,952 votes, Stanley Jubeki Phiri amassed 166 votes and lastly Gomani Banda who got 53 votes.

At least 19, 348 people out of 31, 501, who registered in Mangochi North East Constituency, went to the ballot to exercise their voting right, representing 61.4 percent.

In Mangochi West, 13, 566 people out of 27, 190 voters polled, representing 50 percent.

Speaking in an interview after announcing the unofficial results, Mangochi district commissioner, Raphael Piringu described the election as peaceful, commending electoral stakeholders for implementing various activities that have promoted peaceful co-existence.

“Honestly speaking I am very happy with peaceful environment that availed during the whole voting process. The peaceful environment has accorded people to vote leaders of their choice without intimidation. This is what we call a free, fair and credible election,” said the DC.

He asked the people to continue maintaining peace to let development flourish in the district.

On his part, Nice regional civic education officer for the centre, Enock Chinkhuntha expressed happiness with the huge turnout put of voters, saying it is encouraging in the wake of democracy.

“We are impressed with the huge turnout of the voters. By-elections are always characterized by low turnout. Now to see people going to the centres just like the way they have done with this election, it is wonderful,” he said.

Chinkhuntha, therefore, asked the losing candidate and their supporters to accept the results as well as the winner to celebrate without provoking the other party to avoid inciting violence.