Over 1500 self-repatriated Malawians arrive from South Africa


More than 1500 self-repatriated Malawian returnees have arrived in the country through Mwanza Border.

Confirming the development was Mwanza border public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the group which was expected to arrive at the formation on Thursday slept at Zobue Border in Mozambique following a blackout which paralyzed the border clearance processes.

Zulu said the 1,551 Malawian nationals  arrived at the Mwanza border on Friday and amongst the group, 782 were males with 630 females while 139 were minors.

The publicist further said that the population had 1297 travelers with valid traveling documents while 235 had emergency traveling documents and 19 people had no any document.

Border formalities were held successfully and the returnees were exposed to all new border measures which have been implemented at the formation in the wake of novel coronavirus global health pandemic.

Immigration and other key border agencies were also on the ground to verify on the total number of the returnees and to confirm if at all they are indeed bonafide citizens of this country.

Upon finalization of all the border formalities, the buses were released on Saturday to dispatch these self-repatriated Malawians to their respective destinations.

Clearance of self-repatriated Malawian returnees started in late May 2020, and so far the formation has cleared more than 15,000 returnees.