Travellers coming into Malawi to pay up to K75,000 for Covid-19 test


Travellers coming into Malawi will be required to get a Coronavirus test costing up to K75,000 if they fail to produce evidence that they tested negative for Coronavirus before travelling.

According to Secretary for the Ministry of Health Charles Mwansambo, all travelers into Malawi will be required to produce a PCR negative certificate of not more than 10 days from a designated laboratory of the country of origin duly signed by approved signatories.

Without the certificate, a traveller will be required to undergo a Covid-19 test which will cost US$100 (about K75,000) if the traveller is a foreigner and US$50 (about K37,500) if the traveller is a Malawian citizen.

After testing, travellers will be allowed to proceed to their destinations for self-quarantine while they await results.

According to Mwansambo, if a Malawian tests positive they will be managed according to the country’s guidelines.

However, if a foreigner tests positive, they will be managed according to the guidelines of Malawi but at the cost of the traveller.

“If a foreigner decides to go back home whilst still positive, she/he will be required to travel while maintaining the Covid-19 protocols of physical distancing, hand hygiene and masking at his/her cost,” said Mwansambo.

Malawi reopened its airports earlier this month to allow commercial flights to start arriving into the country. The country has recorded 5716 Coronavirus cases, 4,026 recoveries and 179 deaths.