Apostle Nyirenda leaves ECG amidst cheating scandal


Apostle Innocent Nyirenda has resigned as a member of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) amidst allegations circulating on social media that his wife was allegedly sleeping with a senior prophet of the church.

Nyirenda was the Regional Pastor for Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

The church has confirmed pastor’s resignation but has remained mum on the allegations that a prophet was shagging Nyirenda’s wife.

The church says Apostle Nyirenda “did not raise any complaint against the church or individuals” in his resignation letter.

ECG which says “has had no issue” with the the pastor who it further says cited “personal reasons” as the reason behind the resignation says it is aware of the allegations on social media that others claim forced the pastor to call it quits.

South African based whistle-blower, Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe, shared a series of allegations on his Facebook account as the basis for Nyirenda’s resignation.

In one post, Kachingwe said Nyirenda resigned on allegations that he discovered that his wife was sleeping with a senior prophet of the church.

But on another post, Mr Kachingwe said the prophet was being used as a scapegoat without mentioning the main culprit. He however maintained that Nyirenda’s resignation connects to the cheating scandal, saying his wife revealed all the details to the apostle.

“There is more to it than meets the eye”, he wrote saying the scapegoat will “take the blame and the fall, to sustain and maintain the bigger picture”.

While acknowledging the allegations, the church insisted that “any comment and allegations on his resignation remain speculative”. It thus asked people to desist from circulating what it calls “reckless reports”, saying doing so “will attract fitting reprisals from the aggrieved”.

In a 292-word-statement shared on the Lilongwe ECG church Facebook page, the church admittedly says its National Advisory Council (NAC) ha reached out to the pastor “with honest intentions of finding out any matter which may have had a go on his decision”.

ECG promises to take “decisive, significant and appropriate measures based on the outcomes of its findings”.

Nyirenda resigned without prior notice as protocol within ECG demands.

The church is yet to comment on reports that Dr Anthony John Mukumbwa who once served as ECG’s National Coordinator of Finance and Investment has also resigned due to the allegations that forced Apostle Nyirenda to resign.

Meanwhile, the Lilongwe ECG church has replaced Nyirenda on its Facebook page profile picture with that of the  ECG founder, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.