The president should prioritize public finance management – analyst


A political analyst has urged Malawi president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, to prioritize management of public finances.

The analyst was reacting to Chakwera’s State of Nation Address which he delivered on Friday morning when he officially opened the 49th parliamentary session.

Through the SONA president Chakwera outlined various plans which his administration is intended to do which included improvement of service delivery from all public essential service providers.

He said his administration’s vision for the health sector is to give all Malawians access to quality, equitable and affordable healthcare through the Universal Health Coverage.

He also mentioned that the fiscal performance last year has not been that pleasing a development which he said has resulted into unemployment levels reaching an alarming level especially amongst the youths.

However, reacting to the SONA, Mkhutche said that the address was more of a report on what has been done and what people in the country should expect moving forward.

The analyst said scrutinizing the SONA, president Chakwera laid out ambitious plans to transforming the country a thing which he commended but said the president needs to walk his talk.

He then urged the president to implement strict fiscal measurements aimed at controlling government spending if his plans outlined in the SONA are to be achieved under his administration.

“The talk was done, now we need action. For some of the plans to be achieved, it will need strict fiscal measurements. This is what the President must prioritise.  But as a first SONA for the President, it laid the ground work.” Said Mkhutche.

Mkhutche further said that it is true that this country is endowed with resources and labor and said there is need to use such resources to make Malawi prosperous.