Higgledy-piggledy SONA: Chakwera turns coat of arms upside down

Lazarus Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera turned the coat of arms upside down as he delivered the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Friday.

The Malawi leader wore a red mask when he arrived at the Parliament Building to deliver the SONA. The mask had the Malawi coat of arms on its side but it was turned upside down.

The Malawi coat of arms include a leopard and a lion as well as the words unity and freedom. Either the design of Chakwera’s mask or the way he wore it led to all these turning upside down thus looking out of order.

In his SONA delivered after he took off the mask, Chakwera said Malawians elected him to correct many issues including corruption in the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature.

He added that his administration has embarked on a full-scale orientation of the public sector to the pillars of my SUPER Hi5 Agenda which include Servant Leadership, Uniting Malawi, Prospering Together, Ending Corruption, and Rule of Law.