Malawians Troll Chakwera over Area 18 Interchange tour: Call it APM, others demand

Malawians have trolled President Lazarus Chakwera for touring a project initiated by former President Peter Mutharika, with some social media users saying the Area 18 Interchange should be named APM.

Chakwera on Wednesday toured the interchange where he said he was impressed with the progress of the project which will be ready for commission in two weeks.

The interchange

On social media, Malawians were quick to point out that the interchange project was initiated under the administration of Mutharika, whom Chakwera replaced in June.

“Kudos to APM, Professor delivery,” said Lifa Nhlema on a Malawi Government Facebook page.

“APM’s work speaking volume,” said another commenters.

Other commenters demanded that the interchange should be named APM (Arthur Peter Mutharika) to recognize Mutharika’s contribution to the project.

“Name that road APM road,” said Chabby Nayeja Timothy.

However, some social media users pointed out that the K4.9 billion Interchange is a national project and should not be politicized.

The Area 18 Interchange which is being built by Mota Engil, is part of an initiative to upgrade the Area 49 – Area 18 – Parliament roundabout road to a dual carriage way, which will cost about K6.7 billion.


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  1. Mr chabby nayeja Timothy, what you are saying is terrible, why should the president name the intersection, the name of the former president? I am saying this because there is no sense in that.just imagine every project must be named after the president, how is it going to be, think about big cities in the world they don’t bother to do that. But we are bothering with only one intersection while in joburg, there are hundreds of them.
    After all the money that was used to build the intersection was not from the pocket of the president. It will be OK if it is his own money, then he can mention the name of any person in the family or himself.

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