Bishop Mtumbuka urges Catholic Church’s faithfuls to vote wisely


Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese has urged Catholic Church’s faithfuls to use the June 23 elections to vote for prudent leaders who will narrow down the wide gap between the haves and the have nots emanating from lack of good economic policies and rule of law.

The influential Catholic Cleric said this on Sunday during Mass Service at St. Mary’s Parish.

He said there there is need to guide its sheep on matters on national importance.

“The Diocese is implementing various charitable activities through Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) and Lusubilo Care Centre (LCC) in form of fertilizer, food, education, agriculture, child care and health to compliment government’s efforts.

“However, we have noted with great concern that there is a huge economic difference between the rich and the poor due to poor leadership. There is high desperation from the youth due to lack of employment. That is why there was stampede in the country few weeks ago during walk in interviews,” Mtumbuka said.

The Bishop further said the country needs altruistic leaders to fix the socio economic afflictions that range from nepotism, tribalism, corruption, abuse of public resources, high levels of unemployment rate and poverty and the ballot is the solution.

Said the Bishop: “The continued waves of post elections violence emanated from tormented people inflicted with numerous problems brought by poor leadership. A number of mob justice cases registered in December that includes five people brutally killed on a single day at Lupembe and to date nobody has been arrested is a clear indication that there is no rule of law. So, the onus is yours, if you see there is no problem there then stoop so low and vote otherwise.”

When asked if he is not leading the electorates on who to vote for, the Bishop said he is only giving them direction as every candidate has provided their manifestos and it is up to the electorates to make an informed decision that will bring about change for the future generation.

He added that it is high time Malawians developed insatiable desire for change when things are getting out of hand.

Mtumbuka has since called upon electoral stakeholders to conduct credible, free, fair and peaceful elections if the country is to develop.

Meanwhile, voting material for the district’s five constituencies arrived safely on Saturday and were duly inspected by stakeholders.

About 146,328 registered voters are expected to vote in Karonga on Tuesday.