We have herbs that cure Coronavirus, declares Malawi’s Teras Health Care

…Challenges govt to give them a chance

One of Malawi’s herbal products manufacturing companies, Teras Health Care, has claimed that it has a product which heals COVID-19 patients.

This is according to the company’s Marketing and Communications Director Ronald Amos who was talking to reporters on Saturday in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Amos said they have confidence that their product, Teras herbal, juice is completely healing patients tested positive for the Coronavirus in reference.

He said a 65-year-old nurse in UK who tested positive for the virus together with her son and showed serious signs, later tested negative after taking two bottles of Teras juice each.

According to Amos, it only took hours for the two to recover from the disease.

“There were two cases in UK where a nurse together with her son tested positive for Coronavirus and we told her to take the juice and the following morning she was tested negative and the son too. As we are talking they are all normal and back to their work,” said Amos.

He then said that they are willing to work with government, the Ministry of Health in particular so that they help in fighting the pandemic.

He added that they can give the herbal juice to all the COVID-19 patients in Malawi to prove that the juice is really working.

“We are asking the Malawi government to give us an opportunity to work with the Ministry of Health in fighting this pandemic and we are pledging that if they give us a chance to work with them, we will give free Teras herbal juice to all Coronavirus patients in the country and from there government should assess how many will taste negative.

“We have confidence in our product. Our product is working on Coronavirus just as it has worked on several diseases. So it’s our plea that the government should give us a chance and we mean what we are saying,” added Amos.

Amos further assured the general public that there is no any harm with the juice claiming that there is no chemical in all its products as it was tasted and passed the Medicines and Poisons Board Standard.

He then said they will soon approach the Ministry of Health on the matter to look for a way forward but only worried with the delay to gazette the use of herbal products in the country.

The Marketing and Communications Director further added that if government will accept their request to give them a chance, the country can make a lot of profits from the juice claiming the juice can go on the international market as is the case in Madagascar.

Malawi has registered 56 Coronavirus cases and there have been 14 recoveries and two deaths.