Susuwele Banda visits Ntcheu Hospital to monitor Covid-19 preparedness


Member of the Ministerial Committee on Coronavirus, William Susuwele Banda, on Tuesday visited Ntcheu district hospital to monitor the facility’s preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic.

Banda who is also Education Minister said the systems the hospital has put in place are very impressive in the preparedness and fighting against Covid-19.

“Things are fine regarding that medical health personnel and patients are aware about Covid-19,” said Banda, adding that compliance and sensitization is ideal in the fight against coronavirus.

He noted that there is a need to construct a checkpoint for screening all people entering the hospital premises.

Banda also told chiefs through Inkosi yamakosi Gomani V that there is a need for people in the district to maintain social distance more especially in markets which are still operating.

Banda as Minister of Education Science and Technology then warned all private schools against opening schools.

“Once we realise that a certain school is operating school sessions activities behind ministry’s knowledge, we will just revoke the school’s license.

“Government has a plan to use distance learning materials such as internet, radio, and printed materials but this need time for ministry to get organized,” he said.

On his part, Ntcheu District Health Officer (DHO) Isaac Mbingwani said the district hospital has inadequate infrastructure and other materials like tents and benches for the use of patients.

“As Ntcheu district hospital we sat down and came up with ways to follow on how to deal with coronavirus, thereafter the matter was presented to the district council including partners where some policies were made,” he said.

He added that the district is following 34 suspected cases and has cleared 25 people on the same.

Currently, Malawi has recorded 16 cases of the coronavirus and has registered two deaths.