Civil servants not paid since December despite submitting IDs

Some civil servants have not received their salaries since being removed from the government payroll last year despite submitting their identity cards to the government.

Civil servants told Malawi24 that they are yet to be reinstated on the payroll despite submitting their IDs.

According to one civil servant, he submitted his ID to his department in December but up to now he has not started receiving his salary.

Spokesperson in the Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD) Kennie Mtonga confirmed that some civil servants have not received salaries for December, January and February after being removed from the payroll.

Mtonga, however, insisted that these civil servants are those whose IDs are yet to be submitted to the department.

According to Mphonda, no one whose ID number is with DHRMD has gone unpaid since the process of reinstating government workers to the payroll is done immediately.

“We had requested all civil servants to bring to DHRMD their national ID numbers through their Ministries, departments of agencies. All those who complied or who are complying are being reinstated on payroll,” he said.

Last year, about 8,000 civil servants were removed from the payroll for not complying with the requirement to submit their national identity cards.

The government said the move was aimed at flushing out ghost workers from the system.

Over 9 million Malawians registered for national IDs in 2017 and the IDs are used as a primary identity. For those looking to register for the first time or replace their ID, it takes at least three months for the ID to be processed by the National Registration Bureau.