Health workers called to hotel over guest’s ‘incessant cough’


Health workers on Wednesday night were called to Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe after rumors that a Chinese national was isolated due to incessant coughing.

There were fears that the Chinese national was showing Coronavirus symptoms but health workers who went to the hotel found that the person and two other Chinese nationals “displayed no symptoms at all”.

According to the Lilongwe District Health Office, one couple arrived last year in October and do not have symptoms.

The two told health workers that they have not travelled since that time and have had no contact with anyone who has travelled

The other person who arrived last month displayed no symptoms at all and is past the 14 days of quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Heath says China through its Embassy is working with the ministry and has been cooperative on self-isolation.

“In most cases, they’re not getting out of their rooms and food is provided through the windows for 14 days. Unfortunately, some individuals, when they see such, they make up stories,” the ministry said.