Prophet Bushiri’s alleged side-chick speaks out on the pregnancy

Rachel J whose husband, Terence Mukupe, alleged that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had impregnated has finally broken her silence.

Mukupe, former deputy minister of finance and economic planning for Zimbabwe, famously alleged that Bushiri had met with the Zimbabbean songstress for sex along the beaches of Malawi.

The Zanu PF politician claimed to have evidence that pinned Bushiri as being responsible for Rachel J’s pregnancy. The controversial prophet, while denying he allegations, fired missiles aimed at Mukupe.

Rachel J: We were not married

The songstress, conspicuously silent on the matter, shared on Facebook a cryptic image of her left hand without a wedding ring on her finger – hinting Mukupe and her were never married.

Rache J: There hasn’t been a ring on it

“There hasn’t been a ring on this finger for a reason…..don’t claim what’s not yours” she said, extending  her post with Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack lyrics.

Her post was completed with a family statement that insisted that the musician and politician were just cohabiting and that they were not officially married.

“Rachel J was never married to Terence Mukupe, formally or customarily. She is a single woman. As family we have never met Terence Mukupe nor has he ever set foot in any of our houses. He should not confuse dating to marriage. We are grateful for Rachel refusing to marry this man, because of his infidelity and misuse of her wealth. Initially we were shocked because Rachel has never dated a politician. She has always believed in love, and not relationships based on money since she is an independent woman.

“Because of Rachel’s naivety she allowed this man to move in to her home. Having moved in without anything in his name, she transformed his life into a respectable member of society with something to his name and his family is aware of this. Rachel has always been a serial entrepreneur with vast business interests in the cleaning industry, mining, fashion, media, transport and logistics. She welcomed the idea to work with this man and fought by all means to build a business empire with him”, reads part of the statement.

Her family has so far demanded Mukupe to provide the “evidence of the plane tickets he paid for Rachel to go to Malawi, and also evidence of him expressing interest to do business with Prophet Bushiri whom he has never met”.

Major 1 accused of penning Rachel J’s statement

But some members of the public commenting on the statement were of the opinion that the statement had been written by Prophet Bushiri’s team serving for the uncanny resemblance in their core arguments.

“How can Rachel J’s family conclusively claim that Mukupe and Bushiri had never met and how does this meeting disapprove of Mukupe’s claim” commented another in Shona.

Another person who read the statement wondered why the statement does not deny the alleged affair with Prophet Bushiri but insisted on painting Mukupe as unfaithful with a football team-like children.

In his response, Mukupe also insinuated that someone rather than Rachel J’s family may have written the statement.

“Clearly it is not Rachel who authored and even had input in the article… The person who stands to benefit from this why don’t you show your face and not hide behind a non existent legal persona… Rachel J Family lol… Show your face the representative of the family totangira ipapo (and we can start from there)… So we can respond appropriately… For now, we will treat it as fake news….Prophet volume bho here? (Prophet are you getting the message clearly?)” Mukupe has been quoted by iHarare.

Bushiri with wife

However, Rachel J’s family insisted that she had broken up with the politician who they claimed “relies on unseemly and ungodly false attacks on others to maintain relevance”.

“These allegations are unequivocally false, totally unsubstantiated and uncorroborated, and it’s a malicious and desperate attack on Rachel J and our family by a disgruntled individual”

“Reason being Rachel J had terminated their relationship. Because she had discovered that Terence Mukupe had once again impregnated Tracy Winterboer, who just gave birth a week ago a few days before Rachel J’s giving birth.

“What hurts us is the treatment she is getting from this man who constantly cheated and humiliated her by siring 4 kids whilst in a relationship with Rachel J, whom she embraced looked after and welcomed into her own home. Rachel has shown love and commitment toward his kids by assisting them with education, food and clothes”

Rachel J

Like Bushiri in his statement, Rachel’s family called on Mukupe to stop his “humiliating behaviour’. The family urged the politician to focus his energy on taking care of his “10 kids” so of whom they claimed had been looked after and cared for by the diva.

“Terence Mukupe should realise that he is a father, he should stop this humiliating behaviour and take care of his 10 kids. For a man blessed with so many kids, he must stay away from public humiliation and realise that his kids will have no one to look up to and also for a man who claims to love his so called wife but humiliate her in public over infidelity whilst he was sleeping with different women in her office, it is puzzling”.

Like Bushiri who said he was not responsible for the pregnancy as he had not been to Malawi for the past 13 months, Rachel J’s family also claimed that the allegations were unbelievable for she could not have been pregnant for 2 years.

“The claims being levelled at Rachel J, of being impregnated by Prophet Bushiri are unbelievable with his evidence stating that they met in 2018, how is it possible for her to carry a pregnancy for two years” reads the statement.

Bushiri is currently prohibited from leaving South Africa where he is facing money laundering and fraud charges.


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