Bushiri rebukes “coronavirus demon”: I command you to come out


Prophet Shephered Bushiri has “rebuked the demon of Corronavirus” commanding the “demon to come out” wherever it was hiding.

The Malawian born prophet shared a clip on his Facebook page where he claimed coronavirus which has killed over 3 thousand people globally was caused by a demon. He then commanded it “come out”.

“The Holy Spirit has led me to rebuke a certain demon. God said I should rebuke the demon of coronavirus… I stand up and command this demon to come out. You will disappear in the name of Jesus” declares Bushiri.

Bushiri: I protect you against Coronavirus

Major 1 said Coronavirus will not infect any of his followers as he has successfully defeated the demon that causes it.

“This [coronavirus-causing] spirit has no portion over your bodies in Jesus name. I protect you from this virus. Wherever you are, I protect you!” Bushiri claims in the clip having wrestled with the Coronavirus in his church.

Over 90 thousand cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed globally.


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  1. Is this another scam from Conman Bushiri ? What happened to Bushiris $100 Billion AFRICCI investment fund scam ? Conman Bushiri as the President of that scam fund should fully explain what happened to his $100 Billion fund. Conman Bushiori can never speak any truth, He is certainly the Papa of Lies and Scams. What happened to the Shepherd Bushiri University. Just another of Bushiris lies and scams ! Let’s pray and hope that Bushiri gets a very long prison sentence in a S African jail for organised crime and money laundering and fraud.

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