DPP’s Chimbanga threatens to assassinate UTM supporter Manice Dawood


UTM supporter Abiti Manice William Dawood has said she will sue Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councillor Leonard Chimbanga following the latter’s threats to assassinate her.

Manice who is a UTM supporter popular on Facebook for her posts, said on the social media site that she will take legal action against Chimbanga.

On Thursday, an audio of a conversation between Chimbanga and a woman identified as Angella Macjessie went viral on social media.

During their conversation, Chimbanga told the woman that some social media posts about politicians can destroy a person’s life.

He gave the example of Dawood whom he said posts hurtful comments on social media.

Chimbanga then told Macjessie he would eliminate such a person.

“I can get rid of a person if I want to. If I really think they stand in my way of success or they want to destroy me or my reputation,” said Chimbanga.


Reacting to the assassination threats, Dawood said Chimbanga’s threats to physically eliminate her constitutes a crime ahead and she will sue him.

“A guy who claims to practice clean politics is busy planning assassination of his opponents, I mean someone like me who is just a mere supporter. The same guy who says MCP practices dirty politics is busy planning evil deeds. Freedom of speech, yes…but threatening to physically eliminate me, that’s a crime! I’m gonna go ahead and sue him,” she wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, social commentator Onjezani Kenani has condemned Chimbanga saying Malawians voted for multiparty democracy to move away from politics of death and darkness.