CSEC calls on govt to ensure access to education for children

Kwilembe Full Primary School

The Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has called on government to make a policy on the issue of dressing code in schools saying some rules on dressing infringe on access on education.

CSEC Chairperson Moses Busha made the remarks on the sidelines of the Coalition’s Annual general assembly which was held in Lilongwe on Saturday.

Banda: said Govt is working on the issue

Busha condemned the clashes between Christians and Muslims in Balaka over hijab saying rules on dressing are some the issues that infringe access to quality education.

“We have asked government to make sure that these issues we should not see them again because when we are talking about quality access to education these are some of the issues that also affect the provision of proper education.

“So as a coalition we would like to support the government and we are going to support government. We are going to make sure there is freedom and right to education,” Busha said.

He also called for transparency among government officials when implementing the project of constructing schools across the country.

The assembly was held under the theme “NGOs making a difference in the education sector: leave no one behind.”

The six and half hour annual assembly carried a panel discussion between various stakeholders to strategise on how to implement required activities in the education sector that can systematically subdue drastic challenges faced by the sector.

In his remarks, Minister of Education science and Technology William Susuwele Banda said Government is in talks with concerned parties to ensure peace prevails.

Banda said: “We are all aware that there are misunderstandings between the Anglican community and the Muslim community, but government is working with both parties to make sure that we arrive to the solution that is favourable to all the two parties.  As government we can’t just come in and say this is what we will do, that’s why we have been engaging the two”

The minister also disclosed that it was a tough job to unite the two parties but now the negotiations have almost reached at the terminus point after a dozen of meetings   with the two parties.

Several people were hacked in a fracas that ensued between Anglicans and Muslims in Balaka after a school run by the Anglican Church sent back two students for wearing hijab.