Teachers on WhatsApp anger parents


Parents in the area of group Mweneyumba in Karonga have asked District Education Office to deal with teachers who spend most of their time in class on WhatsApp, instead of teaching.

The call was made Monday in the area during an interface meeting with Mweneyumba Citizen Forum organised by National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust with financial support from Tilitonse Fund.

The forum’s Vice Secretary, Patricia Kanyenda, alleged that some teachers at Chinsewe Primary School, teach for few minutes and spend more time on WhatsApp. She said the tendency she contributes to poor education standards in public schools.

“We are not happy with what these teachers are doing to our children. We expect our children to learn according to time stipulated in their syllabus. If some teachers spend most of their time on WhatsApp in class then they are killing our children,” Kanyenda pointed out.

She alleged that besides spending much of their time on WhatsApp, some female teachers sell packets of freezes and water in class, prompting many children to demand money from their parents.

Karonga District Education Assistant Human Resource Manager, Jimmy Kaira, who represented the District Education Manager (DEM) during the meeting, promised that the office would deal with such type of teachers saying their behaviour is counterproductive.

“We will take up this issue and very soon you will be told what we have done,” he promised.

By By Andrew Mkonda – Mana