T.B. Joshua accused of raping young girls

Prophet T.B. Joshua

…girls as young as 8 alleged to have been raped

Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has been accused of raping young girls and other church members.

Mr Joshua was accused by Bisola Johnson of molestation and rape of church members, including herself. Ms Johnson, an author, said Mr Joshua held her captive for about 14 years.

She also alleged that children as young as 8 years old have been molested and raped inside Prophet T.B. Joshua’s church, SCOAN.

According to published reports in Nigeria, Johnson made the allegations on June 30 when she took part in a demonstration against Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth Zion Assembly (COZA) in Lagos. Mr Fatoyinbo had been accused of rape by Busola Dakolo, and forced to step down as leader of COZA on July 1.

“I was sexually molested by T.B. Joshua,” Ms Johnson said. “I was trapped in Synogague Church for 14 years.”

A clip in which she makes the allegations has been circulating on online, drawing outrage from Nigerians and prompting a response from the church. She alleges that children aged ight, 11 and 14, were molested inside the church.

In response, the church has hit back at Johnson, urging the public to disregard the claims because Bisola Johnson is dishonest and unstable whose accusations lacked credibility.

The church released a series of videos to show how Ms Johnson had been accusing Mr Joshua of rape for more than a decade, and how she always returned after each allegation to ‘confess’ and recant.

While admitting to one of Nigeria’s online publications, Premium Times, that she was the one in the videos released by SCOAN, Ms Johnson said she was hypnotized by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“I was manipulated to do all the videos. I was under bewitchment. I was under hypnotism as T.B. Joshua is known to do,” Ms Johnson said.

She said she spent over 14 years at the church, during which she worked at several departments and held leadership positions, disputing the church’s claims that her allegations were not credible.



  1. She can be saying what the wicked demon from the hostile kingdoms of the power of darkness, in her asks her to say.
    I believe that one day she will realize that she is being tormented by inflicted demons, and may seek deliverance.
    All who are interested in deliverance must join hands and pray for God’s mercy to locate her and deliver her, and she shall give testimony to Glorify God of our LORD Jesus Christ.
    Let’s rather intercede on her behalf.
    Her Soul must not be left to perish, but must be rescued, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  2. TB JOSHUA is the real man of God. The more closer you are to God the more attack you face. Hold on man of GOD.

  3. Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
    1 Chronicles 6:22

  4. If TB Joshua is admitting that Jesus Christ is to praised and not him , that should prove to us that he’s the Man OF GOD .


    I am Bisola Johnson, the writer of THE T.B.JOSHUA I KNOW”, I never went back to the Synagogue since I left the Synagogue ‘church’ of all Nations, Ikotun Egbe Lagos Nigeria, house of horror in February 8, 2008. All the videos you are seeing releasing by the Synagogue about me are in-house apologies. My number is 2347046515167 for anyone who want to know me that I am not a myth but real. Tbjoshua is a pathological liar, if I was insane, would the Synagogue not have been the best place to get healing according to their claims to be healing centre? If I were unstable, would they have given me many important, strategic departments to lead for many years, even as coordinator of foreign department? He uses confessions to cow and make his disciples zombies. The hungry journalists that are eating crumbs under the table of Tbjoshua are not thinking before working for him. May God forgive you. All the blood of people that tbjoshua had shed will cry against anyone supporting that monster called tbjoshua. I will continue to tell my story till my last breath to help humanity. What Synagogue want you to see is what you can ever see, but there’s more behind the closed doors. Tbjoshua does coerce and compel all his disciples to make different confessions as a collateral in other to use it against them if they rebelled against him. Other people may be afraid to tell what they know about tbjoshua but I will not be intimidated by these silly videos to deceive and distract people. The Truth must be told to save souls from perishing into the scam called the Synagogue.
    Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson

  6. Tb joshua will be higher forever,you auther,devil has deal of using you to make tb joshua dirty but you can not win.

  7. The woman must be mentally unstable for coming out now to tell people that she was under spell to appeared in all those videos. As much as I am not a member of TB Joshua member, don’t forget there are some of these people working directly with the devil to bring men of God down.

  8. Tb Joshua never do such a lies ,It is a Man of God who sent by God to help the people all over the world,Tb Joshua is trustworthy to everyone, pls don’t create lies about him

  9. All in all,light always prevail over darkness!Yes annointing of TB Joshua’s caliber,comes with great resistance!

  10. The woman answer to questions indicate she is not stable, any reasonable person should not listening to her

  11. Stupid report! Why are you people bent on tarnishing the enviable name of the prophet? The wrath of God will visit you ok?

  12. Stupid report! Why are you people bent on tarnishing the enviable name of the prophet? The wrath of God will visit you ok?

  13. These other things I dont understand someone sees that this is not good & you stay in there for 14yrs? Eish difficult to understand

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