HRDC tells MEC to delay election results

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has called on the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to address all the concerns regarding the 21st May 2019 presidential elections before declaring the presidential winner.

The group said this on Sunday at a press briefing conducted at its offices at Area 47 in Lilongwe.

Trapence: MEC should address the concerns

Speaking with reporters, HRDC National Vice Chairperson Gift Trapence said MEC should address all the complaints including 147 cases in a transparent and accountable manner with evidence.

Trapence added that the commission owes Malawians explanation as to how some of their officials such as presiding officers and clerks are allegedly implicated in the electoral malpractices.

“We demand MEC to tell this nation the names of the alleged culprits including political parties that have been central in the alleged electoral related fraud and manipulation,” he explained.

He went to say that for instance the commission admitted that it did not distribute Tipp-ex to Poling centres yet the news spread that some of the centres used the correction fluid during the elections.

Trapence however said that Malawians should avoid violence and anything that would incite violence.

He said if need arise for citizens to hold demonstrations, Malawians should be allowed to do so within the dictates of the law.

Trapence then commended security agencies such as Malawi Police Service (MPs) and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for their hard work in guarding the integrity of the elections and the commission for the frequent updates regarding elections.



  1. Some of us are ready to fight.will bring in my experience from Iraq and Kuwait.
    Blood gonna ooz if you are playing games

  2. Trapence, which Malawians are you representing?…. MCP??????? just tell us that you’re MCP Chief supporter and you’re no longer a freedom fighter full stop

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