Police devices raise suspicions


The Malawi Police Service (MPS) on Friday received signal repeaters, raising suspicions that the devices will be used during Tuesday’s elections.

The leaked letter

According to reports, Officer in Charge of Signals Department Frank Kumukumu cleared a consignment of 60 network repeaters through a special delivery order at Kamuzu International Aiport.   

A leaked request for a duty waiver for the devices dated 17th May, and written by Commissioner of Police T.G Samveka and  addressed to Commissioner General at Malawi Revenue Authority said: “The Malawi Police Service procured communication equipment invoice number 1405/201 from Motorolla Solution, 2negev st, Israel Airport City 7019900 for official use.”

A supporting document for the letter shows the repeaters were taken to National Police Headquarters with the procurement process being handled by Kumukumu of the Signals Department.

The items were collected at the airport Friday and on the same day a message was sent to various police formations in the Central Regions to send officers to collect their devices.

Repeaters retransmit a received signal with more power and to an extended geographical or topological network boundary than what would be capable with the original signal.

Meanwhile, Malawians have demanded the Malawi Police Service to address the nation about the devices.

“For a free and fair election, Malawi police should address the nation on the importance of these gadgets and tell if they won’t interfere with the elections as it is being alleged. If police keeps quite these might be misinterpreted by Malawians,” whistle-blower Gerald Kampanikiza said.