I helped rig 2014 elections – Chilima

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima has disclosed that he helped the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rig 2014 Malawi elections and that Nicholas Dausi set MEC warehouse on fire to destroy implicating evidence.

The UTM torchbearer in the forthcoming presidential elections made the remarks during a series of whistle stop tours he undertook in the Northern Region.

His hair-raising revelations came on the heels of a break in at the Malawi Electoral Commission Regional Offices located in Area 3 in Lilongwe where Chilima said CCTV cameras and other electoral related materials were stolen.

The Vice President said the ruling DPP orchestrated the 30-April break in at MEC offices as part of a scheme to rig the 2019 elections.

Chilima implied that his experience with DPP in rigging the previous elections were conclusive enough to know who was behind the recent break in at the electoral commission.

He then challenged the ruling party to sue him if his claims were unsubstantiated.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima knows what caused MEC fire

“We are not surprised; it is DPP who has stolen cameras at MEC because it is the same DPP who had set fire at MEC warehouse in 2014 led by Nicholas Dausi. If they want to sue me they should do so, we shall meet in court,” Chilima said.

MEC has rubbished Chilima’s claims that things connected to the May 21 elections have been stolen.

“The burglars managed to open a window and cut bars. There were footprints indicating that they entered inside but did not get away with anything noticeable. All tempting items like computers, unmounted television screen, radio and small items were found intact” reads a statement issued by the Electoral Commission to “categorically dispel rumours” that three computers and cameras (CCTV)  were stolen.

“The burglars disengaged the cables to the CCVT system but did not steal the cameras. We suspect they might have pulled off the cables to avoid being captured on cameras” said the Commission.

The ruling party it will not honor Chilima with a comment to his allegations.

“We cannot be answering to everything Chilima is saying, then it will not be a campaign. He (Chilima) has the right to speak what he wants. Let him continue,” said Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi who Chilima had singled out.

The Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse was gutted by fire on the night of July 15 2014, weeks after the 2014 tripartite elections.

Property that was lost in the fire included ballot papers for Lilongwe City South East where one of the candidates had challenged the results of the polls.

The Malawi Congress Party suspected foul play but a report released by MEC in 2015 ruled out arson as the cause of the fire.



  1. Munthuyutu ngotemberedwa anakwiyira munthu olakwikwa wachete kubwebwetaku mdzilango dzamulung.suyiwona voti yanga

  2. This revelation is shocking. I cant believe my eyes! Was it a slip of the tongue? Put it differently did SKC really say this? What value will this add to the campaign? If it that he said it then a lot of people are raising concerns about the integrity of the csndidate. Plz quickly engage gear on a damage control strategy.

    Mind you this far the campaign has been going extremely well. Many are putting SKC as a front runner. At this point in the campaign it is extremely important to avoid controvesy and scandal. Those close to SKC please whisper in his ear. And please reduce those alcoholic beverages in between whistle stops

    These kinds of remarks have potential to derail a campaign that is going well. This is home-run. Please your keep eyes on the prize. Keep focus on the progressive and transformative agenda. Avoid controvesy by all means

  3. Koma mbava izi zatitopetsa kwabasi. Ukawulure lero kuti unathandiza dpp kbera chisankho mu 2014? Nthawi yonseyi unalai kuti? Walemba mmadzi vote yanga siuyiona chaka chino. Mbava iwe pamodzi ndi anzako a dpp.

  4. Why mr chilima sanauuze mtundu wa a Malawi nthaw yoseyi ndie tivotele iyeyu tiziti azatiuza zoona kapena azadikira agulitse ka dziko kathu kochepaka kenako azizatiuza kut ndife akapolo voti yanga ulendo uno ine mulibemo

  5. A revelation…. Big things happened and are still happening. Bwana, you helped rig 2014 elections. Surely, u got all the tactics of doing it. If you happen to win and other parties start saying mwabera dzisankho. How wl u deny it?

  6. Muzaka zinayi zonsezi munali kuti achilima osabwera poyera ndikudzaperaka umboni umenewo bwanji? Ndiye mukubwera poyera lero. Palibe amene angakukhulupirire ayi u r part of them ndinunso akuba.

  7. I am at loss for words. This Chilima guy confesses he is the brains behind the problems that he now purports were caused by DPP. If anyone has to take him to court it must be MCP. Why should people now trust him with their votes.We are in this situatikn He is worse than the devil. I have lost all respect . That’s why people say he is always drunk . I think there is some truth to it.

  8. Ndiye anthu ku Malawi ko nonse mwagona kapena mukudya nawo ndalama zo ?
    Mukumamva bwanji nkhanizo . Chonsecho anathandizira kuba masankho akadzabanso adzathandiza mtundu wa Malawi ?

  9. I think mec shouldn’t be appointed by the President, rather find a way to this appointment. Give power to mps to choose the commissions otherwise the President, cld choose his supporters and this what is happening already. We need independent Mec.

  10. I haven’t seen where Chilima has accepted that He assisted DPP on vote Rigging. You guys are liars

  11. Malawi is in big problem. Its either Chilima is mentally short-changed or this newspaper is operated from a mini backroom with grade two kids as journalists. He is admitting to helping DDP to rig 2014 elections and still running for president on a new ticket. The guy should be disqualified from running for any public office and a case of thiefty be opened against him unless of The paper just created the story to character assassinate him. And if Dausi was involved in the burning of the Electoral Warehouse and he is aware of that he should still be charged with defeating the ends of judges. These are sensitive accusations and so said that the VP is tarnish the image of the country and even the credibility of the politicians in the country. Campaign should be decisive but with right of not abusing the freedom of expression.

  12. Then how can we trust Chilima now after knowing the true story of him being the one rig the 2014 Election? Meaning MCP has been wining all along? Malawi shame,

  13. This man is a crook.Malawians must study this man firts before elect him as a president.This shows he will steal tax payers money and only disclose when is out of power.PLEASE DONT VOTE FOR CHILIMA. (He must ask Chamisa of Zimbabwe.he was talking too much before elections just as he’s doing now and he was shocked with the results..
    Muzifuse Kaye Kuti why anagalukira Boma..kufuna kuzikweza akuluwa. He can only win ERECTIONS and not ELECTIONS..?????

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