Gwaladi hits jackpot

Musician Joe Gwaladi seems to be sitting pretty as he was recently spotted carrying a bag full of money.

Pictures circulating on social media shows the acoustic musician at a pub with lots of K2000 notes put in a transparent bag.

Gwaladi: sitting pretty

Malawians on social media speculated about the source of the money with some people claiming that the artist got the cash after selling his second hand car.

Gwaladi has over the years released popular songs such as Tumbocid, Ndinafa Bulu, Khoswe Chipongwe and Zakanika which tackle issues including HIV/AIDS, poverty and hard work.

He sells his music on his own in the country’s cities and townships in a bid to deal with piracy.

The musician hails from Magaleta village, Traditional Authority Mkanda in the district of Mulanje.