Elliot dies again: Will Pastor Alph Lukau resurrect him again?


In a shocking development, Brighton Elliot Moyo, the Zimbabwean man who South African Prophet Alph Lukau controversially ‘resurrected’ from the dead back in February, has died again.

According to local publication H-Metro, Brighton died last week in a village called St Luke’s in South Africa.

Brighton Elliot Moyo

Elliot being resurrected

Unfortunately for Brighton, Pastor Alph Lukau was not there to facilitate another resurrection. A close family member who spoke to H-Metro says Elliot was buried on Saturday.

The relative said Elliot’s stomach started swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day, he died.

Elliot  is reportedly survived by his wife.



  1. This Man caused his death, you don’t play such games, even if he claims that the prophet told him to fake, why didn’t he fake to have miracle money. Don’t play dangerously people.
    All in all God who sees everywhere has the final say to this.
    Safe Journey Elliot