UNHCR airlifts relief items into Malawi


UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, has airlifted into Malawi relief items to support 10,000 people who were affected by floods in different parts of this country.

The relief items landed in the country on Saturday by an Aircraft 87MT cargo through Kamuzu International Airport. Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi received the items.

Dausi receiving the items

Speaking with reporters, UNHCR Malawi Representative Monique Ekoko said the plane brought items such tents, plastic tarpaulins, mosquito nets, sleeping mats, solar lamps and kitchen sets.

Ekoko explained that the items will be given to flood victims in dire need of humanitarian support.

“Our supplies will help provide shelter and items to survivors including women and Children as they have lost everything,” she said.

UNHCR is one of humanitarian organisations working in collaboration with the government and other humanitarian partners to ensure people receive the required assistance and are protected from risks and dangers.

Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi thanked UNHCR for the timely donation.

Dausi said government will continue to do all it can to support people who were affected by floods.


The disaster has displaced over 86,000 people in 15 districts in the country. The cyclone has reportedly killed 59 and left 731,879 in dire need of assistance.


Nyanja, one of the hard hit districts has also welcomed over 4,400 Mozambican nationals who were forced by the disaster to seek safety in the country.

Malawi is already host to some 37,000 refugees and asylum seekers mainly in Dzaleka who have not been affected by the floods.