Six arrested for demolishing houses, slashing maize


Police in Ntcheu are keeping in custody six people for demolishing houses and damaging maize crop after accusing the owners of the property of killing their relative.

According to deputy public relations officer for Ntcheu Police Rabecca Kwisongole, the incident happened Thursday afternoon following the death of Mr Miniwa Bandasoni in the village.

Slashed maize crop

“After the burial on March 26 this year the deceased’s relative claimed that Miniwa Bandasoni was bewitched then tension began,” said Kwisongole.

Reports from the scene show that the property that has been damaged include houses, a shop, maize gardens, tomatoes, a kraal and a shade.

So far the police have managed to arrest six members of one family. They are Gift Bandasoni aged 32, Mike Bandasoni aged 39, Fred Bandasoni aged 30, Watson Bandasoni aged 45, Ken Bandasoni aged 22 and Ester Bandasoni aged 25, all from Chitsulo village T/A Ganya.

The suspects are expected to appear in court next week to answer charges of arson which is contrary to section 337 of penal code and malicious damage of section 344 of penal code.

Meanwhile, police are advising people not to take the laws in their hands but to report to nearest police station.