Airtel accused of stealing Fredokiss’ Mtchana signature

Mobile service provider Airtel is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as it is being accused of stealing rapper Fredokiss’ trademark.

The award winning rapper is synonymous with coining words which later on become part of the language. One of the words he came up with is the famous Mtchana.


Besides the word being used informally, the giant telecommunications’ company could not wait any longer but use the word.
The company is using the word in the promotion of its K6 million financial assistance to Tingathe organization. The initiative dubbed Mitchana Ya Geni is meant for start up loans to the youth.

When Fredokiss was contacted for his reaction on the matter, he reserved his comment.

The musician is one of the most influential in Malawi. He commands a huge fan base in the country.



  1. Mtchana, I don’t think airtel stole from him, cos this word mtchana in south Africa people speak every where. Mtchana (isiZulu) in chechewa mdzukulu

  2. In law, “Ntchana” and “Mitchana” are not one and the same thing. Just as “UTM” and “UTM Party” are not the same. Airtel cannot not be liable.

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