ECG sex scandal: Activists warned Prophet Bushiri of sickening orgies


Run Bushiri Run! An organisation representing several women in South Africa who have named Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and other Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church leaders in one of the biggest sex scandals to have locked the controversial televangelist decided to go public after its earlier warnings were ignored.

#NotInMyNameSA revealed this week that it has been approached by both former and current female congregants of Prophet Bushiri’s ECG church who confided “their ordeals at the hands of the so-called man of God and his many lieutenants”.

The organisation says it decided to send a public warning after its repeated and subtle efforts “to warn the respected ECG leader, Shepherd Bushiri to desist from his uncouth behavior and tendencies” proved futile.

#NotInMyNameSA has called on Bushiri to “come clean, and reform” failure of the organisation has threatened to hold protests against the self-proclaimed prophet that will, in the end, make “the recent protests seen outside ECG church following the death of congregants look like a Sunday kindergarten outing”.

The organisation has been the driving force against renowned prophets accused of grooming and sexually abusing young women in South Africa in return for jobs and ‘miracle money’. It played a crucial role in the arrest of Prophet Timothy Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International church who currently faces rape charges. Omotos is alleged to have serially abused women over a period of time. It is alleged he groomed young girls and abused them from the age of 14.

According to #NotInMyNameSA, one woman described ECG as “one big bedroom” for sexual orgies. The organisation has since issued end a stern warning to Shepherd Bushiri, saying “we are coming for [you]” before closing its statement with #RunBushiriRun.

Below is the full statement  issued by #NotInMyNameSA

Since the dawn of democracy in 1994, South Africa has made significant strides in the fight for women’s rights and their emancipation in all societies. Women in South African society are, and are treated as equals who deserve veneration, respect and above all protection from all manner of wolves in sheep clothing.

For anyone who has not cared to read South Africa’s history, the Women’s March of 9 August, 1956 is rightly embedded in our hearts and minds as a landmark where icons including, but not limited to Mama Sophie de Bruyn, Mama Lilian Ngoyi, Mama Helen Joseph, and Mama Albertina Sisulu stood at the sharp end of our struggle and confronted the monster that the then Prime Minister Johannes Gerhadus, [Hans Strijdom], who was nicknamed “the Lion of the North” by his adherent followers.

As South Africa’s most vibrant, recognizable civil rights movement, #NotInMyName has been approached by women – former and current congregants – of the Enlightened Christian Gathering who, in strict confidence narrate their ordeals at the hands of the so-called man of God and his many lieutenants. Recounting her experience, one woman described the ECG as “one big bedroom”.

We have testimonies of how luxurious Gauteng hotels are centers for sexual encounters and sickening orgies. And the encounters date back to several years.

#NotInMyName is a responsible mass-based organization which is always calculated in its approach. Before sending a public warning, repeated and subtle efforts have been made to warn the respected ECG leader, Shepherd Bushiri to desist from his uncouth behavior and tendencies.

In a country like ours, overwhelmed by sex pests and sex-for-jobs perpetrators like Timothy Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International church, William Emeka of the God Is Love Ministries church, Jabu Ndaba of the Trinity Apostolic Church – #NotInMyName hereby send a stern warning to Shepherd Bushiri [or whatever his real name is] that we are coming for him.

The recent protests seen outside ECG church following the death of congregants will look like a Sunday kindergarten outing if Bushiri does not come clean, and reform.

At the CRL Rights Commission hearings, #NotInMyName was in attendance, monitoring Bushiri as he dazzled the Commission with his prepared speeches and charismatic smiles. There is absolutely no dispute about the ECG church’s significant contribution to the economy in Tshwane – through what is being termed religious tourism. The large crowds that converge at the Pretoria Events Center provides a business hub for numerous people of Tshwane – from vendors to the hospitality industry.

However, any suggestion that the ECG leader becomes untouchable would be utterly ludicrous, and an insult to the hurting women.

Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo! No amount of expensive designer suits, jewelry, hundreds of bodyguards, expensive Range Rovers, private jets, overzealous yet floundering lawyers, the tired gospel of prosperity or cultism will be able to shield Shepherd Bushiri when #NotInMyName and patriotic South Africans rise to #Shutdown that ECG church.

We urge other women who have gone through the same traumatic experience to speak out. There is help out there and #NotInMyName will fight for your justice – even if it’s not fashionable to do so.

#NotInMyName is also fully briefed by poor South Africans who allege that they have lost significant amounts of money in financial schemes that are run within the ECG establishment. In due course, our people will rise to recover what they have lost.


Enquiries: Themba Masango (SG)
📞 082 490 7523 / 012 772 4770


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