Family accuses police of killing prime suspect Buleya


The family of the late Buleya Lule who was the prime suspect in the disappearance of 14 year old albino boy Goodson Makanjira has accused the police of killing their relative while in custody.

Mr Lule died on Wednesday having attended the first court session. However, there are different versions of reports about the cause of his death.

It was reported that Buleya died of natural causes while in police custody. While other reports indicate, the late Lule complained of abdominal pains then he was taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe where he died.

Sister to the deceased, Anne Lule has dismissed all reports as she strongly believes her brother was killed by the men in uniform.

“My brother never complained of any ailments. Even yesterday, when he appeared in court, he looked healthy. The police have killed him,” said Anne in tears.

Anne has further revealed that they were denied access to see Buleya while he was in police cell at Area 3 Police Station in the capital. She believes his brother was being tortured hence the police did not allow them to see him.

Buleya’s cousin Samson Black has said he was not allowed to escort the deceased to the hospital.

“They flatly told me I could not join them. He was half naked and it was as if his skin was peeled off by hot water,”said Black.

The late Buleya was believed to have information which was going to lead to uncovering of markets for albino body parts.