UDF runningmate Mwenifumbo drums up support for Atupele


United Democratic Front (DPP) runningmate Frank Mwenifumbo has challenged people from the North to take control of the country’s destiny by voting Atupele Muluzi into power in the 21 May polls saying he is the only unifying candidate that Malawi needs.

Speaking during a meeting in Karonga to outline UDF’s vision with members and supporters from the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) and the UDF, Mwenifumbo said Muluzi is the only leader that can unify the country as evidenced with picking him as an outsider for a runningmate.

Mwenifumbo has told people in the North to vote for Atupele (R)

“Atupele doesn’t practice tribalism or regionalism, he sees us all equal and Malawians hence he is the only presidential candidate who can transform our country and our people because he has the welfare of all to heart,” he said.

According to Mwenifumbo, for so long the North has been taken for granted on its importance during general elections hence it is time to rally behind Atupele and himself to show that the region still remains relevant in elections.

“We have been underestimated and ignored in the significance of our votes on the outcome of the general election results but the region matters and this is a litmus test for us to prove it therefore let’s vote for Atupele, a youthful energetic leader,” Mwenifumbo appealed.

Turning to the economy, Mwenifumbo, said Muluzi recognises that the economy favours the rich hence has put policies in place to address this gap.

He said, among others, when ushered into power they will make sure that no tax should be charged for those businesspeople who order goods from neighbouring countries costing less than K100,000.

People who attended the meeting included veteran Aford member Dan Msowoya and secretary general Christopher Ritchie.