Julius Malema defends Major One: “You guys are unfair on Bushiri”


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has promised to reveal that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is being unfairly treated in South Africa where he is fighting fraud and money laundering charges.

The South African political activist has promised to do a Twitter thread outlining reasons why he’s defending the Malawian born televangelist fondly called Major One.


He made the promise after engaging in a heated debate with his followers and EFF voters after defending Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri against tweets from parody account account of Barry Roux, one of Africa’s most expensive criminal attorney currently on Bushiri’s defense team.

The parody account, which tweets @AdvBarryRoux (Man’s Not Barry Roux), made several allegations against Bushiri, prompting Malema to respond to the tweets.

“Last Sunday we didn’t have Sunday Twitter due to the phone issues. It’s time to make it up to the Black Twitter Community. Under the powers vested on me by the Black Twitter Constitution I hereby open Sunday Twitter. Bushiri,” tweeted @AdvBarryRoux.

However, Malema thought Bushiri was being treated unfairly and promised to share his own evidence on Sunday.

He said he would not, however, comment on Bushiri’s ongoing criminal case.

Defends Bushiri

“You want to take away my right to think. You won’t do that; no one can do that. You can deal with a criminal case is fine; I don’t want to get involved in that one because I don’t have the facts,” said Malema who also shot down claims he was a member of Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

Despite some of his followers warning him to stay away from commenting on matters relating to the controversial prophet, Malema adamantly said he would not silenced.

“You can’t do that, telling me to stay away from engaging on issues. Never,” tweeted Malema despite being threatened with votes.

Among other allegations Man’s Not Barry Roux forwarded include claims that Bushiri scammed ECG members and other potential investors of millions.