Suspect arrested in assault of UTM members


Police have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with the beating of UTM members in Mangochi.

National Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera, has identified the suspect as Adam Masitala who was arrested in Mangochi on Tuesday. Masitala comes from Mtagaluka Village, Traditional Authority Chowe in Mangochi

Kadadzera told the local media that police expect to arrest more suspects as investigations are still underway on the matter.

On Sunday, suspected Democratic Progressive Party cadets beat up members of UTM who were going to Namwera in Mangochi to conduct a rally.

According to reports, the DPP cadets assaulted the UTM members and stole their phones. The cadets also forced the UTM members including women to take off their UTM T-Shirts.

UTM spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga said UTM Director of Women in the Eastern Region Mrs Hussein, UTM Regional Director of Youth for Eastern Region Henderson Waya and the Regional Governor were injured after being assaulted.

One of the women Veronica Katanga said yesterday that her marriage is now in limbo because of the humiliation she suffered and she does not know how she will support her three children.


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