Prophet Bushiri: I am not sleeping with her


South Africa based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has slammed reports that he has an affair with a female member of his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

City Press, a South African newspaper, alleges that the Malawian-born billionaire is sleeping with 25-year-old Phumzile Paledi, a former club hostess from Limpopo who is also a presenter on his Prophetic Channel TV.

The publication shared what has been revealed to be doctored images of the TV presenter and Bushiri.

The images, it has emerged, were carefully cropped out to remove other people, and then superimposed onto foreign backgrounds, to give the impression that the preacher had taken images in the company of the woman alone.

Prophet Bushiri, while slamming the allegations as fake news started by people who hate him and his ministry, shared the original photos.

“See what media can do just to bring a man of God down. They are busy sharing on their pages those who hate us and it’s a high time we expose them by sharing this act of darkness in all our social media platforms. In 2019 we will not sit down and watch the enemy fight” he posted on his official Facebook page.

Paledi strongly denies that there is anything untoward going on between her and the Malawian pastor.

“Bushiri is my spiritual father; there is nothing more than that,” she told the publication which has sexist undertones in its article questioning how the lady is affording to lead an independent and lavishing lifestyle.

“I work as a TV presenter and I get paid like everyone else, so it is unfair for people to question my lifestyle,” she fumed.

Bushiri’s lawyer, Terrance Baloyi, also slammed the rumours, saying the prophet had previously been accused of rape and money laundering, and suspicions about his relationship with Paledi were simply part of a smear campaign.

He added that Bushiri was always with Mary, his wife of seven years.

“Last year was a tough year for him. It wasn’t easy for him. People may hate you for your success,” said Baloyi.




























  1. This is war against our prophet , if you news editors you are doing. This I pray for you to have bad luck .u think. U are Wise.. Be cursed from you to your. Children a grandchildren
    .may you die for saying bad things about , if he’s sleeping with her what is your problem fool

  2. Major 1 you are a man of God indeed, in Matthew Jesus said that you will even be killed because of me, so you are like Jesus because they hated him when he told them that he is the Son of GOD.

  3. Bushiri will not and will never do such a thing.There are so many prostitutes in South Africa who are living a better lifestyle than this lady who is a TV presenter and a Christian for that matter.Those who are busy tarnishing the image of our spiritual father will face their panishment like those who always come and confess to him.You may live long,major 1.

  4. What at all is the problem of some folks in the media.So now a church leader cannot take photos with members of his congregation.This is crazy,this is unbiblical,this is ungodly,this is anti-agape,this is opposed to the Shepherd-flock unity that Christ brought.If you are a 666 agent,be warn Prophets are not Politicians.Be careful in opposing a prophet least you magnetize the wrath of their boss(God above)

  5. An empty vessel always makes a noise, whatever has been said about major 1 ,is from devil himself,all I know major 1 is a real man of God ,that means God shall deal with you accordingly, I don’t have time for this rubbish ,keep on barking that’s what you good at,we love our Prophet he has been called by God not you,

  6. Chiuta pakutuma yesu wakawona kwananga kwa wanthu.
    Chiuta pakutipa prophet shepherd bushiri mu malawi walikuwona masuzgo ya tawanthu muno muchalo , tiyeni tizomele tchemo yake iyo chiuta walikumupasa . Kwakuluska kuti timunangenge mbili yambula kuti wananga AMEN

  7. Who so ever who did this she or him , they are really crazy in their head , journalists are always lying I don’t know what kind of the job is this , you get paid to tell lies , your feed yourself and your family with a curse which God has said do not tell lies your wages is cursed , you people start to repent before your days come and do your work by telling the truth , Propheti Bushiri is a man of God , loving and caring husband and father, he even love his spiritual children very much stay away from him please.

  8. May God have mercy for all the new pastors and prophets this days. Satan is at work in all this new Churches.

  9. modimo ba itshwarele go ba ga ba itse se ba mo lefifing la bo sena kitso.

  10. Hands off on Major 1, Your minds are rotten or have rusted or maybe your brains are now infected, they need to be operated, brain removed, soaked in a disinfection or jik, removed and then put them back inside your heads. Maybe who knows they will start functioning well.

  11. 1000 000%, you are wasting your time whoever is behind Prophet Bushiri must fall by exposing your lies. Let me remind you all, Major 1 was called by God not you dumb people. You are worse than the devil himself. Even the devil is wondering, how you did all this as you are surpassing him (the devil). You have the brain of your father (the devil), . Leave Prophet Shepherd Bushiri alone

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