#IamStandingWithMajor1 trending on social media as the world stands in solidarity with ECG leader

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Social media has gone berserk with the hashtag #IamStandingWithMajor1 trending all over as people across the world are expressing their solidarity with the leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

From Facebook, through WhatsApp and Twitter to Instagram, the hashtag has become the symbol of solidarity with Prophet Bushiri whose church, ECG, is facing xenophobic attacks in the rainbow fueled by an organization called South Africa National Civic Organization (SANCO).

The hashtag is also being used to express dissatisfaction with SANCO’s demands to have ECG banned in South Africa and, also, to move authorities to deport Prophet Bushiri back to Malawi.

Meanwhile, one of South Africa’s political parties, Black First Land First (BLF), has said the tragic death of three black people at ECG church must not be used by those who are in competition with Major 1 and by xenophobes for nefarious agendas.

In a statement Sunday and signed by its leader, Andile Mximata , BLF has called on the police to do their work without fear or favour.

“At the same time we ask our people not to be used against Prophet Bushiri by people with evil agendas.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
In solidarity with Bushiri

“We have never seen such violent actions waged against white Anglican, Catholic and Dutch churches.

“Despite the existence of irrefutable evidence of sexual violence perpetrated on innocent children and women by the clergy of the white churches, there is no outrage.

“Our people have freedom of religion and we must all respect that. Furthermore, BLF calls on Prophet Bushiri to fully cooperate with the police.

We repeat, please stop the violence against fellow blacks and hands off Prophet Bushiri.”

One of the iconic freedom fighters, Lucius Banda, also shared his support for Bushiri. He wrote on Facebook: “This also shall pass and Major one will remain major One. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the beloved son of the soil, Prophet Shepard Bushiri”

Other hashtags that are being used are #ILoveYouMajor1 and  #IamPrayingForYouMajor1


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  1. This was an unforseen incident at ECG Pretoria!#Iamstandingwithmajor1!This is our Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of all nations and across the world!People jump quickly to shift the blame upon the man of God,but for us who believe in God and His servant Major 1,we will continue to worship our God at ECG Pretoria and people should stop their jealously and vendettas against Major 1!We as Christians receive our healing,miracles and certainly its A Great Home to Worship Jehovah!Leave our Papa,Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in peace as the word of God says,’Do Not Touch My Prophets’!SHALOM!

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