Bushiri prophesied his persecution: I am not going anywhere

ECG Stampede Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he made a prophecy about his persecution in South Africa before the unfortunate stampede that killed three people at Pretoria Showgrounds where his Enlighten Christian Gathering church is housed.

In the prophecy, Bushiri said he saw a hard time where he would be persecuted.

“A hard time is coming but I am not going anywhere. I will never leave you alone. He who called me is faithful and just to accomprish that which he called me for, to finish His work”

In the clip shared on his Facebook, he draws comparison to South Mandela’s iconic freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela who was politically persecuted by the South African apartheid government.

Major One, as Prophet Bushiri is fondly called, said like Mandela, he was ready to be persecuted for the spiritual freedom of his followers.

“Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for the political freedom. If it is spiritual freddom of yours, for your spritual deliverance, I am ready to suffer shame. I gave my body to Jesus Christ. The life I live is no longer I who liveth but Christ who live in the inside” said Bushiri.

In the clip, Bushiri assures his followers that he will neither relocate his church back to Malawi nor move to another country.

“With all these battles, I could say let me go back to my country. Let me go to another country. But I am not going anywhere for your sake. If I die, I die [but] I will never leave you alone”

He said his persecution is driven by envy and anger from people who are jealousy of his ministry.

“Behind all this, you can sense envy. There is this anger. [The persecution] doesn’t matter. God fights our battles. We are not going back, we are moving forward”.

Some people in South Africa have been protesting against Prophet Bushiri and his ECG following a stampede that occurred on Friday the 28th of December, 2018 which resulted in the death of three people.

The South African police say, following an investigation, believe that members of the congregation may have pushed each other as they panicked over unexpected thunderstorm that hit Pretoria, leading to the stampede.

However, a handful of individuals, as reported by the Daily Sun, confessed ignoring the explanation  issued respectively by the Police and ECG on the causes of the stampede.

The group said they opted for protests in order to push Bushiri out of the country as they threatened to burn the ECG church, a reminiscent of xenophobic attacks in South Africa where foreigners and their properties are targeted, looted or set ablaze.

“We will be here, burning more tyres. They will not be using this venue anymore,” one of the protesters, identified as Kabelo Tladinyane, has been quoted the paper.

Prophet Bushiri’s spokesperson said they were aware that some people are using the incident to advance their xenophobic agenda.

“Well, people have the right to demonstrate. But on this issue, some South Africans, I mean some, just want to take advantage of an unfortunate incident that happened at church to advance a hidden agenda.

“In fact, from the statements given to the media and the chants heard during the protest, you would tell this is no longer an issue of the incident in question….taking advantage of an unfortunate incident that can happen to anybody to resurrect their deep hatred towards Prophet Bushiri”.

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  1. Stampedes in South Africa do happen it’s not the first time so many times at the soccer stadiums but no one says anything but because this is a differernt venue thwn people are thinking otherwise,people were afraid of thunderstorms that’s why they started pushing one another it is something natural.This was just an incident which could have happened even if it was a president addressing the people out there.But people must just know that anything that is close to Jesus always receive attacks.But God is in control.let God bless his people.amen!

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