Who God blesses: Prophet Bushiri pulls another surprise

Mary Bushiri and Prophet Bushiri

Over one hundred thousand people braced the torrential storm for the Crossover Night Prayers organized by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church at Pretoria Showgrounds in South Africa, officials have said.

Thousands started to troop in the venue, some even two days before overnight service, just to secure a free-ticketed seat at the heavily controlled and strictly secured Pretoria Showgrounds.

Despite continued under storms, tens of thousands walked from various corners of the country and some flew and drove from different part of the world, braving the harshest weather to be part of this momentous annual event.

According to organizers, by 15 hours (CAT), at least 5 halls of prayers were full, plus three open grounds.

Happening in the shadows of an unfortunate incident at the venue that claimed three and injured 17 last Friday, security and order was tight at the venue..

In his address to the congregants, ECG leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri hailed the tens of thousands for braving the thunderstorm to be part of the Crossover night.

Bushiri said despite challenges his ministry faced in 2018, he assured congregants that 2019 will be a great year of success.

“ You people are the heroes of our ministry. Against all odds, you have always stood for this ministry. I am praying that God answers your every reason for standing with this ministry,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to pay tribute to all the people that the church lost in 2018 with a moment of silent.


Mary Bushiri and Prophet Bushiri














































  1. Major1,Dr Prophet Shepered Pappa Bushiri.i salute u.No devi is gonna push down.i got a testimony after million of sangomas and traditional healers

  2. Very True,Major 1 will always be Major 1,because God has called Major 1 since an early age!we receive and we are blessed because God is within Prophet Shepherd Bushiri!This is our great year of OPEN DOORS !This is our Prophet of our generations!True Man Of God.hands of Major 1 here in South Africa!SHALOM!

  3. People can talk many things but they will not win. Whom God Bless nobody can take I salute my Papa Major One for being my spiritual Father since i know him and be connected to him I am a living testimony. i have known my Papa long time ago when my mother was sick the doctor at Central hospital told me that she will never walk again but i refuse this and said the God of Major One will heal my mother and she walks when I took her to the Prophet of our generation. Many miracles are coming to me. The bible says when people see that you are a threat to them they can do anything to make you fall down. My papa lets not stress but relax God is by your side. I love you with Major One

  4. What a marvelous blessed event despite the storm. Major 1 , you are a blessing to South Africa indeed

  5. you cant fight what God has called and win, I was there in the rain and i felt blessed with each drop straight to me with no umbrella no rain-coat till 01H18 when the service ended.

  6. What a wonderful service we had, despite the rain we were really blessed

  7. Major will remain major!! Proud of our own Malawi doing miracle things. Love you Major

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