Lucius Banda set for festive performances in South Africa

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda and Zembani Music Company have announced a series of festive season performances to happen in South Africa starting Friday.

Speaking in an interview on Monday, Zembani’s event organizer Sam Mwale revealed that the shows are scheduled from 14th to 17th December.

He further explained that the events are being organized as a festive season present to all the fans of Lucius Banda and Zembani Band and as a thank you package for all the support they show to the band.

On his part, Banda revealed that he is getting set for his final 2018 tour.

“This is a good way to end 2018 for all those living in South Africa, the shows are put in place and we will make sure everything is organized. We always appreciate the support they give us so this is our time to so say thank you,” said Banda

According to the organizers, the first show is slated to happen at club Africa Benoni on 14th December at the charge of R150. The second show is slated for 15th December at 49 Minle Street next to IGC ARENA, Durban, and the charges are R100 at the door.

The third show is on 16th December at Tujica, CNR Mercha and Ernest oppenheimer and the charge is R150 at the door. The last and final will take place at Nyanyazi, Malibongwe drive corner Phelindaba road opposite garage north west.

The gates at all events will be opening at 6pm.