UTM convention: Much ado about nothing?

United Transformation Movement

As UTM electoral convention draws near, one thing is certain; Kaliati, Masangwi, Kalindo, will all grab important positions in the Movement. You can just declare them amongst the ‘Top Four’ even before the convention. What the indaba will do is simply to rubberstamp.

Saulos Chilima
To be rubber-stamped

But perhaps the most interesting position–unbelievably, also ‘up for grab’–is that of the president. I still can’t find the formula to work out the practicality of the competition for the position.

When a defunct DPP section comprising of the above-named politicians (also known as the ‘Rogue Blues) who later, branded themselves the ‘Chilima Movement’, went on a self-holifying charade, they never hid their intentions to request the enstranged VP to be their torchbearer in the 2019 presidential elections. True to their words, they approached him. And whether it was by luck or staging, he accepted it.

The decision and approach was declaratory. No any other interpretation to it. Enough to say the whole movement was built around him–Vice President Chilima.

The candidacy finally got immortalised when barely a week after accepting, his face and name appeared on the movement’s regalia. UTM became henceforth, synonymous with “Chilima 2019 Boma”. It is still, with few days away from the Convention.

So, what realistic chances does Kambara have to tussle power against a man in whose name and face the convention site will be decorated? Even the car he will drive is likely to bear ‘Chilima 2019 Boma’ stickers!

If you are a UTM fanatic, be wilfully blind, and see intraparty democracy in the movement. Then go on accusing either DPP or MCP of imposing candidates in the run up to 2019 elections.