Luanar creates scholarship to honour former associate professor


The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) has introduced a scholarship to honour long-serving former associate professor Beatrice Mtimuni.

The University has created the Beatrice Mtimuni Scholarship (BMS) to honour the legacy of Dr. Beatrice Mtimuni, an Associate professor of Nutrition who has retired from the university following 47 years of distinguished service in the area of food and nutrition.

According to the university, the Beatrice Mtimuni Scholarships will support underprivileged Malawian LUANAR students to continue degree studies in the area of Food and Human Sciences at LUANAR.

“Awardees shall be young men and women with financial challenges, who embrace the values and principles that reflect the person of Dr. Beatrice Mtimuni,” says the University.

During the launch of the scholarship in Lilongwe recently, Mtimuni said the problem of malnutrition in Malawi is still high and there is need to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition in the country.

She noted that there are a number of students who are passionate in nutrition and have potential to reduce the problem but lack funds to complete their studies.

“We want to recognize those students who are brilliant, who genuinely want to contribute to this country to be able to complete their programmes because the problem of malnutrition is still relatively high in Malawi.

“The country has managed to reduce the prevalence chronic malnutrition which is being too short from the normal height but that is not enough. We need to steadily reduce malnutrition to levels below 20%.” she said .

Meanwhile, the BMS has started receiving applications for the scholarship to the Faculty of Food and Human Sciences.

Eligible candidates are Malawian LUANAR students in Year 2, 3, or 4 of undergraduate study in the Faculty of Food and Human Sciences.

Applicants should have an annual grade point of at least 2.5 and no record of academic or social misconduct.

They should also show economic hardship to warrant consideration for the award, demonstrate commitment and passion for the discipline under study and demonstrate leadership through participation in extracurricular activities.