Dausi laughs off Malawi Veep assassination claims

CChilima endorsed the demos

Malawi minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi, says Vice President Saulos Chilima wants to score cheap political points with claims that he has been put on hit-list by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

Speaking at a UTM rally in Mwanza last week Friday, Chilima claimed that the ruling DPP has hired assailants some of whom are from South Africa to kill him.

Chilima went ahead to label the hired assailants and DPP as being both amateurs who are bound to fail in their clandestine scheme to nab his life.

“All the plans which you are making whether you want to poison me, to kill me using a car crash or to hire people to shoot. As a matter of fact I saw one of the hired killers at the Tsangano rally,” he said while ordering the police not to request evidence of his allegations.

But Dausi, who is also spokesperson of the DPP, laughed off the allegations as “lies and conjectures” by someone whose security detail is provided by the same Government he claims wants to assassinate him.

“It is unfortunate these allegations are coming from someone who has State security taking care of him everywhere. Is he not the very same man who went to court to fight against the reduction of his security personnel? Now does he want to tell us that he does not believe in his own security? Oh, my friend, that is not logical” Dausi has been quoted as saying by the Nation.

In October this year, the High Court granted Chilima an order stopping Malawi Police Service (MPS) from tampering with his security detail. According to court documents, the Inspector General (IG) of Police Rodney Jose wanted to transfer 42 Police Mobile Force officers from the Office of the Vice-President.

Dausi said it is unfortunate that Vice President Chilima has stooped so low with an intent of scoring cheap political points.

“The problem with him is that he overrates himself. He thinks he is the most important politician in Malawi. By making these wild allegations, he just wants to score cheap political points,” added Mr Dausi.

The vice president who dumped the ruling DPP in June this year to form his UTM alleged that the plot is DPP’s only resort after failing to register his political party.

He claimed that there are three plots of how the ruling party wants to murder him.

“I have intelligence that there is a plot to kill me through poisoning me, staging a road accident or by shooting me with a gun” he told his supporters.


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