UTM distances itself from Chilima’s assassination claims

United Transformation Movement

UTM has distanced itself from Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima’s allegations that the Government and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are plotting to have him assassinated.

Saulos Chilima Transformation Movement
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Speaking at a UTM rally in Mwanza last week Friday, Chilima said he was aware of a plot to have him killed.

“I am aware of all the plans which you are making whether you want to poison me, to kill me using a car crash or to hire people to shoot” claimed Chilima.

However, UTM, through its spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga, has distanced itself from the allegations.

“The Vice-President did not make those remarks as UTM president” Chidanti Malunga has been quoted as saying by The Nation.

Chidanti Malunga said “UTM will not be take up this matter with the police”.

Meanwhile, government has laughed off the allegations as “lies and conjectures” by someone intent at “scoring cheap politics”.

“The problem with Chilima is that he overrates himself. He thinks he is the most important politician in Malawi. By making these wild allegations, he just wants to score cheap political points,” added Malawi minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi, who is also DPP’s spokesperson.

The vice president, who has also claimed DPP is plotting to rig 2019 elections, dumped the ruling party in June this year to form his UTM. He has however labelled DPP as an amateur who will succeed at neither plot of rigging the elections or assassinating him.


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  1. Nanga Munthu wa nzeru zake in between Chilima & Dausi even if both are lying who can people believe????? Everything has got its own lifespan, the time & politics of the Dausi’s of this world is long gone. You remember we used to admire Dr Ntaba that like us the middle aged folks used to be glued to the radios so that we can listen to his English but now where is Ntaba so it’s the sme with Dausi. The problem with our political groupings in Malawi are only clinging to the old guards & they don’t want to pave way for the new generation. Life is evolving so give way to change cos it’s inevitable.

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