Bushiri lets the cat out of the bag on ECG formation


South Africa based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has let the cat out of the bag on how his Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) ministry was started.

Prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary

In a rare and unexpected social media chat  the Malawi born prophet had with local Malawians on Facebook, Bushiri also revealed his home of origin and connection to the Malawi Young Pioneer in the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) era.

Bushiri revealed that he is originally from Salima in Malawi but his grandfather married in the Central Region district of Ntcheu where he settled. However, his father, who worked as a Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) in the North, married and settled in Rumphi.

Bushiri, who recently came out with all guns blazing saying he was fed up and  tired of being attacked and slewed like a criminal by Malawians also mentioned his love for the country where he has built a multi-million kwacha secondary school to improve access to quality education.

He also underlined that nobody should lie to the nation that he does not love Malawi having settled in South Africa.

“I am a Malawian and I spend much of my time in Malawi. Every time I am in Malawi, I silently go and preach to villages and townships,” he said.

He added that he so much believes in Malawi so much that he is sending his two daughters, aged six and four, to study in Malawian schools.

“We must be the first to believe in our country, to believe in institutions and to believe in ourselves.

“Nothing will move in our country if we think nothing can work here. Things can work in Malawi and they are working though there is always room to make them better,” he said.

He reiterated his position on active politics, saying he is happy saving lost souls to God through his ECG ministry and has never dreamed of quitting the Gospel for politics.

Bushiri touts his love for Malawi